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Published: 27th August 2010
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Many people turn to alternative remedies for the common cold and even the flu, rather than going to the doctor. For a start, medical science has yet to provide us with a remedy for the common cold, but it can have quite unpleasant symptoms that need some kind of treatment. And while we can have the latest flu needle, it only consists of the three most common flu varieties for the year and so if you are exposed to a different variety you will still get the flu.

Besides that, we know that the flu is caused by a virus and antibiotics will only help if you develop that secondary, bacterial infection. However, there are many cold and flu remedies thathave come down to us over the years. Our grandparents may have favoured a mustard foot bath, chest rub and steam inhalations as some of their natural cold and flu remedies.

Generally we still do the latter two, but the mustard foot bath has fallen into disfavour, partly because it is an inconvenient kind of remedy - especially if you have small children crawling around the floor. Our natural flu remedies may be somewhat more sophisticated, with over the counter medications, vitamins and herbals playing a large part. Zinc and vitamins A and C are particularly favoured, while Echinacea, elderberry and horseradish are amongst the most popular herbs.

Onion and garlic also play a significant role in home remedies for colds and flu. Some people advise eating it, but those who cannot face eating raw garlic may simply apply it to their feet as a poultice. It is said to be absorbed into the bloodstream just as well this way without the indigestion. Others like a dish of raw onion next to their pillow so they can inhale the vapours as they sleep.

Whatever home remedy you decide on your cold or flu will probably run its course regardless, but you may well get some relief from the symptoms.

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